4 Personality Traits That Put You Among the Most Successful Leaders

A man giving a presentation.
Always lead your people rather than expecting them to do everything. (Image: Elevate Digital from Pexels)

Many times, the success of a business will be largely dependent on how good its leaders are. A well-funded business with an excellent plan in an attractive market can end up in a loss if the person leading it is not good enough. In contrast, an excellent leader can take even the most beat-down business and turn it into a profitable one.

If you want to be counted among successful leaders, be sure to cultivate these 4 personality traits

1. Lead and collaborate

What is a leader if he is unable to lead? Sadly, many people who are given such positions do not have the ability to lead. Such people concentrate on giving orders, expecting others to fulfill everything they command. These “leaders” will never earn the respect of their underlings and can end up as failures in every endeavor they undertake. So, never be like them. Always lead from the front and set an example that others can follow. Focus on developing a collaborative environment where everyone, right from the manager at the top to the low-level employees, can freely discuss how to grow the business.  

“The producing leader may know what he wants but not communicate it clearly. He expects people to know what to do. This can lead to employees second-guessing what the leader wants and wondering if that person trusts them to do their job… By letting employees have direct input into decisions that affect how they do their job, the collaborator increases their ownership. And by listening to employees’ concerns, this type of leader learns what is needed for morale to remain strong,” Rick McDaniel, an inspirational speaker, and author, said to Inc.

2. Be humble

Success can be intoxicating for some people. When in a leadership position, such people might think that every milestone achieved by the business is the result of their own effort, forgetting the numerous employees who have worked hard to attain such results. And if the leader acts in a pompous way due to such achievements, he will only make his employees resent and dislike him. You should always remain humble. Credit your employees openly on all achievements and never try to instigate that you are somehow a “higher” person than them.

3. Adaptable

A leader has to be extremely adaptable to changing situations. Just because you have perfectly planned out a business campaign does not mean that it will produce the desired result. Situations will keep changing, If you remain stubbornly stuck with your predetermined plan, refusing to change it even at the suggestion of skillful employees, not only will your business suffer losses, but your standing as a leader in front of the employees will also take a hit.  

As a leader, you need to be able to change your plans to overcome challenges rather than blindly sticking to them.
Change your plans to overcome challenges rather than blindly stick to them. (Image: via Pixabay)

Instead, think of new ways to overcome challenges and accept the good suggestions made by the employees. Let the business evolve together with the environment and you will have created a system that will easily face any challenge it comes across. Plus, your ability to keep the business running despite changing circumstances will build up your reputation as a leader.

4. Self-control

Always be in self-control. Never appear too tense in front of your employees as they might lose confidence in your leadership and the future of the business. Never yell at employees. Be firm but respectable enough that they understand why you are dissatisfied with them. 

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