Dark Mysteries: What USO Secrets Lie in the Depths of Our Oceans?

Unsolved mysteries in dark oceans.
Dark mysteries: USO secrets in the depth of our oceans. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

There are mysterious phenomena such as USOs (unidentified submerged objects) and unexplained disappearances of submarines in our oceans. These have puzzled scientists and military intelligence for years. In 2016, based on classified documents from the former Soviet intelligence agency (KGB) and the Soviet Navy, Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle’s book Russia’s USO Secrets revealed secrets that have been hidden for decades. Today, we will talk about the dark mysteries of the deep ocean, including the KGB’s classified documents, anecdotal accounts of actual USO encounters, mysterious underwater structures, and the unexplained disappearance of submarines, so check it out!

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