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Crazy! Cities Becoming Close to Unaffordable to Live In?

According to a recent report by real estate data firm ATTOM, housing prices in the United States are rising faster than wages in about 80 percent of the markets. Buying or renting a decent home is now proving to be challenging for an average American worker as cities become unaffordable to live in. Housing crisis ...

Jack Roberts

A house for sale.

Getting Old in the UK: Homelessness Crisis Awaiting Millennials

Over 600,000 millennials in the UK will be facing a devastating challenge when they retire — homelessness. According to a recent report prepared by an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People, there will be shortages of affordable social housing when millennials hit retirement age and as a result, many will be ...

Jack Roberts

An elderly woman walking down a snowy street.