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A Misunderstanding Made a Patient’s Terminal Cancer Quickly Disappear

In 1957, famous psychologist Bruno Klopfer wrote a case study article called Psychological Variables In Human Cancer for the Journal of Projective Techniques. The case involved a patient named Mr. Wright, who was a patient in the end stages of lymphoma. He had tumors the size of oranges in his neck, chest, armpits, abdomen, and ...

Kathy McWilliams

Miracles happen if you believe in them.

The Mesmerising Tradition of Japan’s Ama-San Free-Diving Women

The Ama-San women of Japan uphold a 2,000-year-old tradition of free-diving. Ama means “sea woman,” and the connection these women have with the ocean is one of utmost care and respect, something in this day and age we could all learn from. Why Ama-San divers are treasured What makes the Ama unique is that they rejected modern technology that would ...

Jessica Kneipp

Japans traditional Ama-San diver.