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Is Your Phone Spying on You? Delete These 17 Apps Immediately

Have you ever considered that freeware apps on your smartphone might monitor you in real-time? Experts point out that three data types in your phone — location tracking, camera access, and email addresses — are the most severe privacy vulnerabilities. Are you aware of your phone’s surveillance? Symantec, an internet security company based in the ...

Mikel Davis

Illustration of a man with a key standing next to a giant cell phone with a padlock that has an eye looking out from the screen.

Security Risk: Backdoors Found in Thousands of Android Apps

Millions of people use Android apps daily, assuming they are safe since they were downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. However, a recent study shows that thousands of Android apps have backdoors that hackers can easily use to access your personal data. The study was conducted by researchers from New York University, Ohio State ...

Armin Auctor

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