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Humans Have Been Predicting Eclipses for Thousands of Years

The coastal town of Exmouth in Western Australia experienced one of the most spectacular astronomical phenomena on April 20, 2023 — a total solar eclipse. Eclipses have entranced us for millennia. But it turns out that calculating exactly when and where we can watch an eclipse in its full glory can be surprisingly hard. Watching ...

Troy Oakes

The Antikythera mechanism on display.

The Antikythera Mechanism Gives Up More of Its Secrets

The Antikythera Mechanism has fascinated and puzzled researchers for over a century. Now, an international team of scientists has announced that they’ve finally deciphered more secrets from the world-famous machine. Discovered in a shipwreck on the floor of the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece in 1901, the Antikythera Mechanism is an intricate high-tech relic from ...

Troy Oakes

Corroded Antikythera Mechanism.