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Blue: Travel Our Enchanted Planet by Uplifting Color

We live in a world saturated by color. Colors are forever communicating things to us. In nature, they might tell us when a red tomato is ripe to pick, or the changing of seasons. They can also convey two completely different meanings, depending on what part of the globe you reside in. In the West, ...

Jessica Kneipp

A Tuareg man showcases an indigo blue tagelmust turban and veil, Erg Ghibi, Morocco.

The Beauty of Banff National Park and Lake Louise

I have been to many places, including the beautiful Hayman Island in Australia, Capri in Italy, Three Gorges in China, and Lugano in Switzerland. Of all these places, none can compare to Banff National Park and Lake Louise in Canada. Banff National Park is famous for its sparkling blue waters, green hills, snow-covered mountain peaks, ...

Monica Song