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Myth or Truth? The Headless Race

Can you believe there could have been a “headless race” in history? They were usually gentle in nature, but could also be fearless warriors. It was even said that Alexander the Great did not invade China for fear of the headless race located further in East Asia. Yet, such a feared race mysteriously disappeared in ...

Believe It Or Not

The Headless Race: Myth or Truth?

In August last year, someone in Japan took a random photo on the train. Unexpectedly, when he came home and looked at the photo, he found a headless man standing at the station. When the photo was uploaded to the Internet, it immediately became a hot topic of discussion. Everyone wondered if this was due ...

Believe It Or Not

The western arch in the naive of Dalbyneder Church with a gothic fresco from 1511 of two blemmyes, or headless men, symbolizing avarice and gluttony, two of the seven deadly sins.