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Leadership for Entrepreneurs: Why is it Important?

Like most entrepreneurs, you may have done the majority of day-to-day work alone in the early stages of your business. However, as your business expands, you must create a team and effectively manage it. It would be best if you had leadership in your arsenal to keep your team on track. But why is leadership ...

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Tips for Building a Great Remote Team

Companies have faced unmatched struggles over the past year and some have responded by coming up with alternative ways to stay in business. One such strategy has been to carry out the process of hiring, training, and supervising newly recruited employees remotely. Employers already face several challenges in building teams when all the members are ...

Armin Auctor

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5 Ways You Can Promote a Culture of Innovation at Your Workplace

Innovation culture basically refers to a workplace environment in which employees feel confident in developing and implementing new ideas and processes. For a company, a strong culture of innovation is essential to staying relevant in the market, gaining an edge over the competition, and even attaining market dominance. 5 ways to promote a culture of ...

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The Return-on-Investment of Leadership Coaching

Most big businesses today will spend a considerable amount on leadership coaching where their top leaders are trained in how to properly lead a company. While some might argue that it is a wasteful activity that only adds to company expenses, the reality is that leadership coaching does give a positive return on investment. To calculate the ...

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