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Real-Life Origins: Disney’s Diverse Castle Inspirations Explored

Not only are Disney castles beautiful, but they often are essential to the story. But have you ever thought about the artists and even Walt Disney got their ideas? The castles in your favorite Disney movies are based on real castles, palaces, and even a well-known hotel. You can still visit the buildings and structures, ...

Viena Abdon

Neuschwanstein Castle.

10 Gorgeous European Castles You Can Visit

Europe has a long history and you can find many European castles from a bygone time. Many of these are open to the public, so why don’t you add them to your travel itinerary? 10 European castles you can visit 1. Neuschwanstein, Germany Neuschwanstein is a fairy-tale retreat that inspired Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Enter ...

Jack Roberts

Neuschwanstein Castle.