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NASA Telescopes Start the Year With a Double Bang

A colorful, festive image from NASA shows different types of light containing the remains of not one, but at least two exploded stars. This supernova remnant is known as 30 Doradus B (30 Dor B for short) and is part of a larger region of space where stars have been continuously forming for the past ...

Troy Oakes

30 Doradus B.

‘Red Nuggets’ Are Galactic Gold for Astronomers

About a decade ago, astronomers discovered a population of small, but massive galaxies called “red nuggets.” A new study using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory indicates that black holes have squelched star formation in these galaxies and may have used some of the untapped stellar fuel to grow to unusually massive proportions. Red nuggets were first ...

Troy Oakes

Red nugget galaxy Mrk 1316.