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Cherry Blossom Day: Why It’s Important to Japan

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Day is celebrated on March 27, a momentous day. Although not an extremely traditional celebration, it still holds much importance in appreciating the country’s beauty. Unlike other celebrations, Cherry Blossom Day was established by Japan’s Cherry Blossom Association in 1992. The day is known as “sakura ho hi” and was created to ...

Mike West

A branch with cherry blossoms.

Wuling Farm Cherry Blossom Festival 2022

The Wuling Farm in central Taiwan is one of the best destinations for viewing cherry blossoms. It boasts the most comprehensive display of its kind across the country. Besides taking in the beautiful cherry blossoms, visitors can also go up the mountain and breathe the super fresh air. There are some trails that are easy ...


Cherry blossoms blooming during the Wuling Farm Cherry Blossom Festival.

2021 Yangmingshan Flower Festival in Taiwan

Despite the fact that most countries around the world are under a full or partial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan is considered a safer country where people can enjoy a normal life, including domestic travel and sightseeing activities. One event that is a must-see is the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. Please watch the following video ...

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The 2021 Yangmingshan Flower Festival.

Magnificent Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan’s Mountainous Area

Often referred to as an Asian flower town and a world tropical flower kingdom, Taiwan is famous for its spectacular cherry blossoms in spring. This year, due to the dry weather and warm temperature, cherry blossoms across Taiwan are even more beautiful than ever, in particular those in high mountain farms. Please watch the following ...

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Cherry blossoms in Smargus.

The Splendid Floriculture Experiment Center in Taiwan

Often referred to as “Taipei’s Secret Garden,” the Floriculture Experiment Center is located on the edge of Yangmingshan National Park on the outskirts of Taipei City.  It is a popular attraction that offers stunning sights of a variety of flowers and plants throughout the year. History Covering an area of over 4 hectares (10 acres), ...

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Cherry blossoms blooming.