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The Legend of Qin Liangyu: China’s Female General (Part 2)

In the 48th year of Emperor Wanli’s reign during the Ming Dynasty, Qin Liangyu‘s White Pole Army engaged in several fierce battles with the Later Jin troops, significantly weakening their morale. Around this time, the emperor passed away, and Guang Zong ascended the throne. However, he ruled for just a month before dying, followed by ...

Mikel Davis

Female Chinese soldier on horseback.

The Legend of Qin Liangyu: China’s Female General (Part 1)

Over thousands of years of Chinese history, Qin Liangyu stands out as the only woman to have been officially recognized as a general by the nation. Celebrated by the Ming Dynasty’s Emperor Chongzhen in a poem, she is the only female general recorded in the Twenty-Five Histories, filling the long-standing gap of female representation in ...

Mikel Davis

Chinese painting of famous female general, Qian Liangyu.