cockroaches, survivor

Cockroaches Have Superpowers Unknown to Man

If you are busy enjoying the changing seasons along with the cockroaches you see around you, why not learn about how they manage to work their magic, legendary survival skills? When it comes to toughness and perseverance, roaches know no equal. They aren’t just gross; their grossness helps them get by. They’ll eat just about ...

Armin Auctor

Closeup of an Asian cockroach against a dark background.

A Farm Full of Cockroaches

An attack of the cockroaches could be a possibility in Xichang, a city located in Sichuan, Southwest China. That’s because the city houses a farm of 6 billion cockroaches that are bred for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes. As per traditional Chinese medicine, cockroaches are useful to heal gastrointestinal- and respiratory-related diseases. They are  especially great for ...

Jack Roberts

Cockroaches crawling around on a limb.