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Here’s Why We Still Don’t Have the ‘Right to Repair’

When you buy a product, you expect to have the right to repair it. The problem is, many modern products are designed so that you can’t fix them. Vital parts are inaccessible. Or you have to go through the manufacturer, which may well just give you a new one. The end result: millions of expensive ...

Troy Oakes

Smartphone with a cracked screen laying on concrete sidewalk.

Group Buying, Consumer-to-Manufacturer, and Other 2020 Business Trends in China

Even though the outbreak of COVID-19 has dampened the Chinese economy, experts are hoping for a strong rebound in the coming months. Some say that Chinese consumers will engage in “revenge consumption,” a term that predicts a massive flood of purchases once the COVID-19 fears subside. Meanwhile, new business trends in China are emerging that ...

Armin Auctor

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