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We Think We Control Our Health, but Corporations Have a Much Greater Role

You go to the gym, eat healthy, and walk as much as possible. You wash your hands and get vaccinated. You control your health. This is a common story we tell ourselves. Unfortunately, it’s not quite true. Factors outside our control have a huge influence — especially products that can sicken or kill us, made ...

Troy Oakes

Young sporty woman coughing while walking on the street.

CCP Coronavirus: How Corporations Are Stepping Up

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has caused a public rush for items like face masks and sanitizers, which has resulted in these products being scarce or unavailable in some regions. Corporations across the world are joining hands with governments to solve the issue by redeploying their manufacturing capacities to produce such items that will protect people ...

Armin Auctor

A woman wearing a mask.