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Getting Started With Leatherworking: A Beginner’s Guide

Leatherworking is a time-honored craft that continues to fascinate both artisans and hobbyists. Whether you’re looking to create stylish accessories or durable everyday items, leatherworking offers limitless opportunities for creativity and personal expression. If you’re ready to dive into this craft, you might be asking, “What do I need to get started with leatherworking?” This ...

Viena Abdon

Selected pieces of beautifully colored or tanned leather on a leather craftsman's work desk.

Christmas Bon Bons Are Easy To Make!

Christmas Day lunch in my family is not complete without bon bons. These always bring laughter and joy to everyone sitting at the table. It is also a great icebreaker, and they can help start the conversation rolling. Bon bons are also called crackers because when a person holds one end and another person holds ...

Trisha Haddock

Christmas bon bons set at the table with decorations.

The Basics of Traditional Basket Weaving

Before baskets made of plastics and steel became popular, people did basket weaving with natural materials. When choosing a natural material for baskets, flexibility is an important consideration. After all, if the material is brittle, you won’t be able to flex and twist it to create a basket. Traditional baskets are usually made from materials ...

Raven Montmorency

A native American weaving a basket.

Extending Your Hand of Friendship by Making a Paper Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has a significant meaning of purity in traditional Chinese culture. Here, the lotus flower is shown to represent peace Experiencing the making of a paper lotus flower can enhance and deepen your understanding of purity and peacefulness within your heart.  The Petals of Peace project was inspired by Jane Dai and her daughter ...

Trisha Haddock

A paper lotus flower.

A Chinese Tribe That Makes Clothing From Fish

You most likely have worn clothes made from cotton and wool. But have you ever seen a dress made from fish skins? Such clothing from fish does exist and it is still made by a remote Chinese tribe called the Hezhen. Clothing from fish In the 1990s, the Chinese government launched a census to identify ...

Raven Montmorency

A Hezhen tribe member.