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How to Attract Dragonflies and Eliminate Mosquitoes

If you are plagued by mosquitoes and are looking for a natural way to deal with these insects, Mother Nature has a solution for you — dragonflies. Over 80 percent of a dragonfly’s brain is used to process visual information. Some species can detect movement as far as 60 feet away. Dragonflies have a voracious ...

Raven Montmorency

A dragonfly resting on a flower.

Elderly Man Spends 13 Years to Create a Dragon Topiary

Older people typically spend their days in the comfort of their homes, resting and relaxing as they pass their time. But John Brooker, who is over 75, decided that he would do something artistic and spent almost 13 years transforming a hedge into a dragon topiary. The dragon topiary “My wife is the gardener, I ...

Armin Auctor

An old man shaping his dragon topiary.