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Homemaking Skills 101: What You Need to Learn

Homemaking skills are essential for most people. The problem is that some people learn when it’s too late. Before that happens, discover the critical life skills you need to know for your home. If you’ve never been taught the basic homemaking skills needed to survive, it’s never too late to try. You can learn a ...

Mike West

Learning how to cook.

Hidden Treasure Under the Plum Tree

There was a true-life story about the “Hidden Treasure Under the Plum Tree” circulating in Huating County (now known as Songjiang District, Shanghai). This treasure-finding tale took place during the end of the Qing Dynasty. The protagonist of this story was a poor and humble man who people addressed as Han Weng. Han Weng was good-natured ...

Michael Segarty

Plums on a plum tree.