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Visiting the Tulip Fields in Holland: Everything You Need to Know

The Netherlands is a beautiful country and it is famous for certain things like the windmills donning its landscapes and picturesque canals. However, tourists exploring the European country get mesmerized by its vast and enthralling tulip fields. As you may have seen in several movies and YouTube videos, the beautiful and colorful tulip fields in ...

Jack Roberts

Dutch boy and girl in traditional clothes bending over to touch noses together while standing in a tulip field with a windmill in the background.

Blooming Beauty of the Keukenhof in the Netherlands

The land of clogs, tulips, and windmills — the Netherlands — is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world, including the Windmills of Kinderdijk, De Hoge Veluwe National Park and its lovely acres of woods, and the idyllic village of Ijsselmeer. But among all the places to see in the country, ...

Raven Montmorency


Saving the Bees: A Dutch Solution

In the town of Utrecht in the Netherlands, many of the bus stop rooftops are covered in plants. This has been done in support of saving the bees in the region. Saving the bees More than 300 bus stops in Utrecht have been converted into bee-friendly places. In addition to boosting the biodiversity of the ...

Troy Oakes

A bee pollinating a clover flower.

Netherlands Leading World in Agricultural Innovation

At first glance, no one would imagine that the Netherlands, a country located close to the Arctic, would fare well in large-scale agriculture. But the country has done just that. By adopting the latest agricultural technologies, it has become a global leader in the industry. In fact, it is the No. 2 exporter of food in ...

Armin Auctor

Hydroponic gardening.