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Lithuanian Lullaby: Step Back in Time and Hear These Beautiful Sounds

The lullaby is evocative of a mother’s love, care, and protection, of being cradled in her tender arms, and of being tucked in at bedtime. The lullaby is the memory of our grandmothers and our ancestors. It is an archetypical sound, ancestral, as well as a foundational connection with our culture. Lithuania is a beautiful ...

Jessica Kneipp

A mother singing a lullaby while holding her daughter.

Civilizing Music: A Song Can Change a Life

Music is said to make invisible realms visible. Humanity, even with the most advanced scientific equipment, still cannot perceive the order of life and the cosmos. Maybe a musical instrument would take us to a more complete understanding of life than a microscope ever could.  Music can play a very dramatic role in shaping your ...

Raven Montmorency

Greek Parthenon temple.