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The Accomplishments of Deaf Master Violin Maker Xian Baokang (Part 2)

The motivation for Xian Baokang to become a master craftsman came from witnessing the Red Guards’ destruction of a precious and priceless Italian violin that belonged to his mother during a raid on the Xian family’s home during the Cultural Revolution in China. The violin that was wantonly destroyed was more than 300 years old. ...

Michael Segarty

A violin and bow sit on top of some sheet music on a wooden surface.

The Accomplishments of Deaf Master Violin Maker Xian Baokang (Part 1)

“Sorry! My husband is deaf…” This is what Xian Baokang’s wife said to the judges of the 13th Violin Society of America (VSA) International Competition listening on the other end of the phone. The people she was speaking to could hardly believe their ears and kept passing the phone back and forth with everyone asking: “What? ...

Michael Segarty

Xian Baokang in his workshop holding a violin he made.

Art of a Luthier: Creation of a Cello

The craftsmen who make and repair string instruments are called luthiers. Only those with artistic sensitivity and high technical expertise can do this job. A documentary by Xavier Vidal explores the art of a luthier and the creation of a cello. Art of a luthier creating a cello Lito Iglesias is disheartened by the fact ...

Raven Montmorency

Crafting a cello.