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An Interesting LOHAS Trip to Yilan, Taiwan

Located in Yuanshan Township in northeastern Taiwan’s Yilan County, Neicheng (內城) was a quiet farm village. However, Neicheng Community Development Association’s novel ideas have transformed this quaint village into an agricultural leisure area featuring LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) activities. For more exciting images of LOHAS activities in Taiwan’s Yilan County, please watch the ...

Billy Shyu

A Tie Niu Li Aka tractor pulling tourists.

Beiguan Tidal Park Taiwan, With Beautiful Cuesta and Rock Formations

Featuring amazing cuesta and tofu block rock formations, Beiguan Tidal Park is one of the most prominent scenic spots at the southern end of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area in Taiwan.  Please watch the following video: “Beautiful Beiguan Tidal Park in Taiwan” Located along the Coast Highway in the stretch at Toucheng Township in northeast ...

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Beiguan Tidal Park in Lanyang.

The Magnificent Turtle Island in Taiwan

Nestled peacefully in the vast blue Pacific Ocean, Turtle Island, also known as Guishan Island, used to be a mysterious volcanic island 10 km (6.2 miles) off the coast of Yilan County’s Toucheng Township in northeastern Taiwan.  The island is named for the resemblance of its topography to a turtle swimming in the ocean. Covering ...

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A visitor carried a pet turtle to the top of the highest peak on Turtle Island.

A Guesthouse With a Pomelo Orchard and Cypress Wood Decorations

It is known to many that Taiwan is the second-most densely populated country in the world, second only to Bangladesh. But most people may not know that Taiwan’s guesthouse (民宿) density ranks first in the world. Please watch the following video about the Happy Guesthouse. According to Taiwan regulations, guesthouses are hotel-like lodgings that have ...

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Unique Lanyang Museum With Triangle-Shaped Buildings

Looking like a cuesta (單面山或半屏山) emerging from the surface of the lake, the Lanyang Museum (蘭陽博物館) is situated along a stretch of Taiwan’s Northern Coastal Highway in Yilan County’s Toucheng Township (頭城鎮). As cuesta are a unique geographical feature of Yilan, the museum was modeled after the shape of the cuesta topography commonly found along ...

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