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Creating Serenity: 8 Ways to Craft a Zen Home Interior

Finding tranquility within our living spaces has become increasingly essential. As people seek solace from the chaos of everyday life, the concept of Zen interior design has gained popularity. It’s because of its ability to cultivate a sense of calm and harmony within our homes.  Rooted in simplicity, minimalism, and mindfulness, a Zen-inspired interior offers ...

Viena Abdon

A Zen home interior.

Cairns: An Ancient Tradition With a Modern Twist

Ever encountered a cairn on a trail? Don’t you want to know why people leave them or why they’re so important? Read this article to find out. What are cairns? Cairns are interesting things you might have stumbled on when on a trail. While they’re starting to gain popularity, they follow an ancient tradition dating ...

Mike West

A stone cairn in the Himalayas.