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Zoom Deleted American Accounts on Beijing’s Command

Barely weeks after it was involved in a privacy scandal, the video conferencing app Zoom is once again in hot water after it deleted two U.S.-based accounts on Beijing’s demand. The two accounts, together with one from Hong Kong, were involved in holding an online commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the horrific 1989 Tiananmen Square ...

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UK Government Abandoning Zoom Due to Fear of Security Threat

After the academic research lab Citizen Lab warned in early April that videoconferencing service Zoom presents a security risk due to the use of Chinese servers, many governments and businesses have started looking for alternatives. In the UK, the government has been warned by intelligence agencies to restrict the use of Zoom, fearing that Chinese ...

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Zoom Security Risk Still Looming

After video conferencing app Zoom’s security flaws were exposed in a recent report by Citizen Lab, all eyes have been on the company. The fact that Zoom has servers in China from where encryption keys are sent to users all around the world raises the possibility that Beijing might be able to snoop into video ...

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Zoom Privacy Flaw Exposes the Risk of Overreliance on Big Tech

A recent report by cybersecurity group Citizen Lab revealed that the video conferencing app Zoom is not as secure as the company claimed. The app’s popularity has jumped from 10 million users a day to 200 million daily in just a few months, largely thanks to the CCP coronavirus lockdown that has forced people to ...

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Video Conferencing Service Zoom a Security Risk, Say Analysts

Zoom is a popular video conferencing app that is used by numerous businesses for conducting online meetings and group discussions. One of the features highlighted by the app is its support for end-to-end encryption for video calls. However, a recent report by watchdog Citizen Lab claims that the company not only holds on to the ...

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