The Mesmerizing Pink Beach of Indonesia

The Pink Beach of Indonesia.
The exotic Pink Beach of Indonesia. (Image: Kjersti Joergensen via Dreamstime)

Most of us have never heard of the exotic Pink Beach of Indonesia. And most of us will probably never get to visit it. For a lot of people seeking vacations away from the clutter and grind of city life, a remote beachside resort is preferable.

However, not all beaches are the same or offer the same ambiance and facilities. Some beaches are pretty or desolate while there are several that are crowded pretty much all the time.

If you want to witness the beauty of the exotic pink beachhead of Indonesia’s Pantai Merah, (which is commonly referred to as the Pink Beach), it is located in the territory of the popular Komodo National Park. It is actually one of only seven pink sand beaches in the world.

Is the Pink Beach of Indonesia actually pink?

The beach has sand reflecting a pinkish hue when sunlight falls on it. This has led to such naming. Its nearest city is Labuan Bajo. The small pieces of red coral get mixed with bright white sand and what you get to see is a reflection of a soft pink hue on the beach.

Home of the pink beach of Indonesia, the Komodo National Park.
Home of the Pink Beach of Indonesia, the Komodo National Park. (Image: Loeskieboom via Dreamstime)

The Pink Beach is located in the Komodo National Park, which draws visitors both for this unique colored beach and also for the largest living lizard, known as the Komodo dragon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting there

To reach the Komodo National Park, going via Bali is the best option. It is a prominent Indonesian tourist destination and air connectivity with European countries and other continents is very good.

From Bali, a local airline carrier has daily flights to Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo, you can reach Komodo Island via speedboat. The distance is 25 miles. There is no charge for visiting the pink beaches. However, to visit the Komodo National Park, you have to pay an entry fee and the pink beaches are included in its territory.

Getting there via Bali. Balangan beach at sunset in Bali. (Image: Shawn Eastman via Dreamstime)

There are many accommodation options in Labuan Bajo. You can pick from the available resorts and hotels if you wish to explore Komodo National Park and Pink Beach. You may also stay at Kanawa Beach. To evade weather woes, try visiting Komodo National Park between April and December. However, water sport activities remain available all year long.

Ideal for all types of tourists

The Pink Beach of Indonesia is ideal for tourists of varying profiles. Honeymooning couples throng the beach and it is also eyed by solo travelers and those visiting with their family members.

Plenty of attractions to explore and experience

There are so many attractions for visitors here that you will find no shortage of sightseeing and activity options. The coral variants are amazing and they will keep nature lovers occupied for hours. The fish species are also stunning, to say the least.

This beach is also ideal for snorkelers. What will amaze you is the clarity of the water along the shoreline. It is crystal clear, giving you an amazing view of everything including fish, plants, and marine wildlife beneath the surface. If you are lucky enough, you will witness large whale sharks and manta rays.

Clarity of the waters beside the Pink Beach. (Image: Taritat via Dreamstime)

If you are not fond of water sport activities, just relax on the soft pink sand and get a tan while watching other tourists having fun! The place is literally a heaven for photography lovers. Taking the snaps of everything around can keep them occupied for hours. The sunset can be truly amazing to watch.

Is there anything to worry about on the Pink Beach?

Watch out for these creatures, the Komodo Dragons. They are quiet and quick. You do not want to end up as their afternoon snack. (Image: Sergey Uryadnikov via Dreamstime)

There is no serious risk at Pink Beach in Indonesia. However, the visitors are advised to watch out for komodo dragons. These lizards are good swimmers and they can swim between islands with ease. It would be best if you hire a tour guide or agency for exploring the beaches. The good thing is you can book and find several local tour agencies online.

Another thing you need to remember is that Pink Beach has almost no amenities and infrastructure. If you want to play safe, carry medication, drinking water, and food while visiting the isolated island.

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