CIA Declassified Files Revealed: Are There Really People and Pyramids on Mars?

Composite image of a barren planet with a reddish hue, a pyramid, and an extraterrestrial.
Discover the amazing secrets from declassified CIA documents regarding investigation into the huge pyramid on Mars and what might be inside. (Image: Mikel Davis via Nspirement)

In 2011, NASA successfully launched the Curiosity rover into space, and after an 8 month flight, it finally landed on Mars. NASA was delighted at the time, because according to previous research, Mars was the closest Earth-like planet in the solar system and they wanted to find out if Mars would be able to, one day, support life. Therefore, instruments were installed on Curiosity to examine the geological and climatic conditions on Mars. But what NASA never expected was that in the soil samples taken by Curiosity, they would find evidence of post-nuclear warfare, xenon-129.

This discovery came as a shock to John E. Brandenburg, the physicist in charge of the NASA project. It is possible for xenon-129 to be found in natural environments, but only in areas of high geological activity. Yet where Curiosity collected the soil samples, there were no associated geological activities. John said: “I have shown this to several nuclear weapons experts and they have confirmed that this is nuclear weapons signature. There is no other process that can create such xenon spectrum.” 

John had made such a conclusion because the concentration of xenon-129 in the soil samples is very high. It’s more than 2.5 times the xenon-129 produced by humans when testing nuclear bombs, and hence the only conclusion would be that it is a result of post-nuclear warfare. 

“We are talking nuclear weapons the size of the Empire State Building dropped from space and detonating kilometers above the surface,” John said.

Military expert Craig Gottlieb even argued that “the presence of certain elements on Mars indicates that there was a nuclear explosion or explosions on the surface of Mars at some point in the planet’s history.”

The presence of xenon-129 on Mars indicates that there was a nuclear explosion on the surface of Mars.
The presence of xenon-129 on Mars indicates that there was a nuclear explosion on the surface of Mars. (Image: Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu via Dreamstime)

This reminds us of Boriska Kipriyanovich, the boy who claimed to be from Mars, who had told the world more than once that a higher civilization on Mars existed a long time ago, and that they had been eventually destroyed by a horrible war. Could he have been referring to a nuclear war? Looking at the current world situation, one can’t help but worry that if a worldwide nuclear war does occur on Earth in the future, tomorrow’s Earth could come to closely resemble today’s Mars.

Bizarrely, as we continued our research, we discovered that the CIA had admitted in a declassified file that they had sent a special investigation team to Mars a long time ago and had discovered and successfully entered a 20,000-meter high pyramid during that investigation. It’s important to note that the above evidence is not just gossip, but declassified information provided by the CIA website, and by NASA physicists themselves. So what other amazing secrets were discovered during the recent investigations by the U.S., and what was hidden inside that huge pyramid? 

Ancient Mars

All the objects in our solar system follow a pattern revolving around the Sun, as if everything was carefully designed to be that way. But within this regular arrangement, there is an unreasonably large distance between Mars and Jupiter. Even more inexplicable is the large number of small asteroids and loose gravel in that area. Some experts think it is likely that these are the debris from the collision of the two planets. But Zecharia Sitchin, the author of the famous The Complete Earth Chronicles, has a different opinion.

According to the Sumerian clay tablets, the Anunnaki lived on Mars for a while before they came to Earth to dig for gold, as Mars was more suitable for life than Earth at the time. But then, for some reason, the inhabitants of Mars had a terrible war, and in the course of the war, a planet called Tiamat, located between Mars and Jupiter, was blown up, which then became the asteroid belt we see today. Although Mars still exists, after that war, it lost its ability to nurture life. Perhaps it was for this reason that the Anunnaki then later came to Earth to continue their gold-digging mission.

An image of the solar system with the sun and 8 planets lined up from left to right.
The explosion of a planet called Tiamat that may once have been located between Mars and Jupiter could explain the asteroid belt. (Image: Ievgenii Tryfonov via Dreamstime)

Coincidentally, like the Sumerian clay tablets, many of the world’s religions described a great war between the gods of the heavens long ago, and this war was said to have taken place on Mars, next to the asteroid belt. For example, Nergal, the Babylonian god of war and death, represents Mars. Greece also names Mars after Ares, the god of war; and ancient Chinese astrology also says that Mars symbolizes the evil signs of mutilation, disease, mourning, and hunger. Is it possible that Mars was really at war once, and if so, can we find other evidence that this war really took place? 

The strange pyramid

In 2007, NASA launched the Dawn space probe to study the asteroid belt in an attempt to unravel its mysteries. When Dawn managed to reach the belt, it captured unexplained lights on Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt. What’s important is that these lights were not only large, but also so numerous that they appeared to be cities.

At first, NASA experts explained that the lights were supposed to be “natural light” reflected from the water on Ceres after it had frozen. But this was not supported by all scholars. In fact, even Christopher T. Russell, the lead researcher of the Dawn mission, was puzzled and said: “It’s not like anything I’ve seen before and it is new to the planetary community so we don’t have any ready answers.”

Unexplained areas of bright light captured by NASA's DAWN space probe on the dwarf planet Ceres.
Image of the unexplained lights captured by the Dawn space probe as it explored Ceres in the asteroid belt. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Then, the Dawn probe sent back another photo of a pyramid. The moment the photo came back, it immediately caught the attention of the UFO community, as the pyramid turned out to be 4,830 meters high, equivalent to the height of 35 Great Pyramids of Giza. However, this was not the most surprising thing for scholars, as another 20,000-meter pyramid had already been discovered on Mars by the United States a long time ago, and it all started with a CIA declassified file.

Stargate project

The International UFO Congress (IUC) is an international symposium on the subject of UFOs. Since its inception in 1991, it has attracted a large number of UFO scholars every year, with the 2004 conference being the most impressive.

That year, Joseph McMoneagle, U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer, revealed a secret space program, saying: “Since I was a child, I have had the uncanny ability to predict the future before it happens. But I never thought about it because I thought it was a “sixth sense” that everyone had. When I grew up, I joined the U.S. Army and then in 1978, my life changed forever. That year a large group of scientists suddenly arrived at the army base where I was serving and said they were going to do a physical fitness test for everyone. During the test, they gathered us into the hall and started asking us what was in the box in front of us.

Although it seemed strange to everyone at the time, they didn’t think much of it and each person in turn came forward and described what they thought the box should contain. Some said that the box was supposed to contain a flag, while others said that it contained a weapon, but I was the only one who said that there was nothing in it.

I remembered when I finished my answer, the scientists who had been silent suddenly spoke among themselves, but I couldn’t hear what they said because they were too far away. I think I must have been right, though, because right after this test, I was assigned to the Stargate Project. This is a research program into extrasensory perception, or “psychic research,” which was led by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).”

Magnifying glass focuses on the letters CIA from the website.
The Stargate Project was declassified by the CIA in 1995. (Image: Transversospinales via Dreamstime)

The Stargate Project was declassified in 1995. Joseph goes on to say that, contrary to popular belief, the Stargate Project was not some kind of freak show. Instead, the United States took a very rigorous scientific approach to the study of human supernatural capabilities. They even hired Harold E. Puthoff, a leading parapsychologist at the time, and Russell Targ, a paranormal physicist, to lead the project.

The reason why the U.S. was so interested in the Stargate Project was that remote viewing had the potential to be more useful than satellite photography for monitoring enemy forces. There are two types of remote viewing; one is the ability to see into the distance through clairvoyance, as though viewing images captured by a satellite. The other way is through the concept of out-of-body projection of oneself into the vicinity of the target.

Using the second method, it would be possible to break through physical limitations and get inside any building to peer into things, but according to Joseph, remote viewing doesn’t always work. There were times when he just couldn’t see no matter how hard he tried, but back then he did see something special with his remote viewing.

Soviet secrets

Joseph recalled, after a series of training sessions, in September 1981, that he was asked by the U.S. National Security Council to carry out his first remote viewing mission. He was handed a set of coordinates by the NSC Chief who wanted to know if the Soviets were conducting military activities there at the time.

Sure enough, right after he went into the remote viewing, he actually saw that the Soviets were putting missiles into a submarine. The point is that this submarine was twice the size of a normal submarine. At this point, Joseph, who was alarmed by the situation, immediately reported the incident to his superior. But to his surprise, the supervisor did not believe him. The reason was that the coordinates given by Joseph’s remote viewing were a kilometer from the coast, and technology at the time had no way of transporting such a large submarine by road, so Joseph’s remote viewing was assumed to be wrong.

But 100 days after the mission, the Soviets suddenly announced that they had built the world’s largest submarine. The submarine was built at the same location given by Joseph’s remote viewing. It turned out that the Soviets had never intended to transport the submarine to the sea by land, but had instead created a separate underground pipeline to bring the giant submarine to sea. Therefore, Joseph’s remote viewing was correct. He was immediately allowed to join the core of the Stargate Project for more classified missions.

Underground Soviet Cold War naval Bunker.
The Soviets had created a separate underground pipeline to bring the giant submarine to the sea. (Image: Mulderphoto via Dreamstime)

Remote viewing of space

On May 22, 1984, Joseph suddenly received a call from his superior asking him to go to the base immediately for an emergency remote viewing. As the Cold War was not yet over, Joseph thought that his superiors had received another secret Soviet message and that he was to carry out a remote viewing of enemy forces. But when he arrived at the base, the commander handed him an envelope and said: “Please look at the location in the envelope and adjust your bearing to 44.89 degrees north, 9.55 degrees west and tell me what you see.”

According to Joseph, remote viewers do not necessarily only see things at a distance, but sometimes they can also train to have “see-through senses,” which is a bit like the concept of reading with your fingers, except that he cannot read the actual words on a paper sealed in an envelope, only sense them. For example, if the envelope contained the words “fried chicken,” Joseph would not see the word, but rather a direct image of fried chicken.

Although Joseph was no stranger to experimental methods, he couldn’t help but wonder why the commander had asked him to look at the location in the envelope and then given him an additional coordinate. Could this coordinate not be on Earth? But after all, he was only a soldier and he was not authorized to question his superiors.

So he closed his eyes for remote viewing, and after a few minutes, Joseph spoke up and replied: “I got a great view of a pyramid, sitting in a large depression. It’s yellowish and okra colored. I get clouds and severe storm, major geological trauma.”

Orange storm clouds with lightning.
He saw clouds and a severe storm, major geological trauma. (Image: Bcon Management Inc. via Dreamstime)

Joseph said he could never forget the sight he saw at that time. It was a very bleak world, but he didn’t have time to see more before the commander gave a second instruction to go back in time before the storm. So Joseph immediately adjusted his space-time coordinates, and then he saw a very different picture.

All the dirt had disappeared. There were now smooth walls and everything was flat, megalithic. Joseph asked: “Is this a new pyramid? Did they discover a new pyramid, because it is really large?”

And the reason Joseph was so surprised was that the pyramid in front of him did not look like any pyramid in Egypt or on Earth. As he was trying to remember exactly where the thing in front of him had come from, suddenly he noticed a number of figures next to the pyramid. Joseph said: “There were large people, thin and tall, wearing strange clothes, skin-tight clothes.”

And after Joseph had told the commander that he had seen “people” next to the pyramids, the commander gave new instructions for him to draw a picture of the people he saw, so Joseph readjusted his distance. Then shortly after, he finally got a good look at the “men”. Joseph said it was not until he saw the tall men’s faces that he finally realized the “men” were not Egyptians.

He took out a sketch he made of the “men” he saw at the time, and it was easy to see that not only did they look different to us, but they were even much taller than us. Could this be the mythical depiction of giants? But none of the above were what surprised Joseph the most. It was only at the end of this remote viewing that he finally realized he had not been in the present and he was nowhere on Earth, but on Mars, a million years ago.

In the sky the huge bright sun shining with dense nebula and star clusters in the background and a giant neighboring planet with moon nearby with a majestic galaxy on the horizon.
The biggest surprise came when he realized he had been on Mars a million years ago. (Image: Keremgo via Dreamstime)

Mars a million years ago

At the UFO conference, Joseph continued: “At first, I didn’t know the target of the remote viewing. I didn’t know it was a Mars target.”

You can’t blame Joseph. After all, if it were anyone else who suddenly saw a giant on Mars, I’m sure they would have been very surprised as well. It’s worth noting that the coordinates of the pyramids Joseph claimed to have seen were 44.89 degrees north and 9.55 degrees west, which are surprisingly close to Cydonia, the most famous pyramid area on Mars.

On July 20, 1976, Viking 1 successfully landed on Mars. Not long after, a NASA engineer saw strange human faces and a large number of pyramids in the images returned from Viking 1. It was only after these images were returned that Joseph’s remote viewing mission began. Therefore, despite NASA’s persistent denial, they took down the position of Cydonia and investigated it further with Joseph. At that time, they carried out remote viewing on Mars almost every few days, and then during one mission, Joseph saw another pyramid. Joseph said the pyramid was huge, but different than before.

Joseph then took out a photograph of Mars and told the audience that this was the pyramid he had seen back then, situated next to a crater. It is interesting to note that the shadow created by the angle between the sun and Mars allows us to estimate the height of this pyramid to be 20,000 meters. The Earth’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, is only 8,848 meters. This pyramid is the equivalent of more than two Mount Everests. 

Color image showing an overhead view of the Cydonia region on the surface of Mars.
The Cydonia region on the surface of Mars is the area where the remote viewing sessions were directed. (Image: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum))

Entering the pyramids

The 20,000-meter pyramid was so high that the commander immediately asked Joseph to enter it and look around. Joseph was surprised to see the remains of several giants inside. Those remains were arranged in the middle of the great pyramid and stretched as far as the eye could see. However, after several investigations, Joseph discovered that the giants had not died at all.

“These were like shelters from storms designed for sleeping and specifically for hibernation, sleeping through savage storms,” Joseph said.

But why did these giants go to the trouble of building pyramids in which they could hibernate? If they had the power to build a pyramid this high, why didn’t they just leave Mars? Instead, they chose to hibernate there? So the commander ordered Joseph to find out why the giants were sleeping. Then Joseph discovered that these sleeping men were actually waiting.

According to Joseph: “They are ancient people who are trying to survive. It is past their time and age. They are waiting for the return of someone who was sent to find a new home.”

Joseph said that some of the giants did go out to find the next suitable home after the disaster. But for unknown reasons, some of them had to stay on Mars to wait for their companions to come back for them.

Sci-fi corridor resembling the interior of a futuristic spaceship.
For unknown reasons some of the giants had to stay on Mars to wait for their companions to come back for them. (Image: Mopic via Dreamstime)

These are the remote viewing missions that Joseph revealed at the UFO conference. Predictably, almost no one believed Joseph’s statements at the time. Yet just 12 years after this conference, the CIA surprisingly released a declassified file confirming that Joseph was not lying.

Inside the pyramids

On November 4, 2016, a declassified file suddenly appeared on the CIA’s website, claiming that it was from an experiment in the Stargate Project on May 22, 1984. It is worth noting that this file was supposed to be released in 2000, but the CIA delayed its release for 16 years, until 2016. The information they released is exactly as Joseph described 12 years prior in 2004 at the UFO conference.

For example, both said that the experiment was on May 22, 1984, and the target of the remote viewing was Mars a million years ago. The experiment even was carried out in the same way as Joseph described, by placing the location of the remote viewing in an envelope.

The only difference is that in the file, the test subject is anonymous under the code name SUB, but we are almost certain that he is Joseph, because, in addition to the above information being exactly the same, the declassified file also says that at that time, SUB (Joseph) saw a very tall okra-colored pyramid, as well as tall men in tights, and even mentions the function of the pyramid, which was to be built as a refuge from the storm, and that those inside were sleeping.

Notably, on page six of the declassified file, a commanding officer codenamed MON asked SUB (Joseph) to approach the tall men and ask where they are from, and then the tall men actually started introducing themselves to SUB. Could it be that remote viewing is not just the ability to travel through time and space and see the past and future, but even interact with people and things from that time? It seems that the declassified information from the CIA is providing proof for exactly that.

Spaceman meets a giant alien in a desert with strange planets overhead in the blue sky.
Could it be that remote viewing gives people the ability to travel through time and space, see the past and future, and even interact with people and things from that time? (Image: Grandeduc via Dreamstime)

During this operation, SUB managed to communicate with the ancient people of Mars at the time. They said that they were very ancient beings and that they were dying, but they hadn’t given up. They were still looking for a way to survive, but unfortunately, they had not found one. As a last resort, a group of people went out to find a new home.

“Follow them and see where they go,” the commander had said. SUB did so immediately and then said: “They have come to a very crazy place, full of volcanoes and strange plants.”

“Ok, we should finish now,” said the commander. “Now follow my voice back to May 22, 1984.”

Now, when we link these descriptions to what was revealed by Boriska Kipriyanovich, the “Boy from Mars,” the scientific research of Dr. John Brandenburg in his book Life and Death on Mars: The New Mars Synthesis, and the results of the CIA’s remote viewing experiments, the ancient and tragic history of the Martian civilization can be pieced together. A once highly developed Martian civilization was destroyed by war, possibly between races on Mars, or perhaps between planets. It is likely that some of the Martians have gone underground, while others may have gone in spacecraft to find other habitable planets. So could some of them have come to Earth?

Now for a fun fact: Wernher von Braun, a central figure in the Apollo project, in 1949 wrote in his science fiction novel A Technical Tale that one day, mankind would go to Mars, and that the Martian government would be composed of 10 people and their leader would be called “Elon.” It’s more than a coincidence if we look at what Elon Musk is doing right now. So is this a science fiction book or a prophecy? Or is Wernher von Braun revealing something we don’t know from the Apollo project? Perhaps one day, the CIA will be able to unlock the secrets of the moon landing for us.

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