10 Ideas to Make Extra Money in 2024

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A little additional cash would be helpful for almost everyone, but even with full-time work and savings, there are times when more is needed. (Image: Shutterstock)

A little extra money would be helpful for almost everyone, but even with full-time work and savings, there are times when more is needed. You can supplement your income and establish reliable sources of revenue with the support of a great side venture.

People with side jobs come from various areas and sell many goods. These people are bold, creative, and fearless and see limited resources not as a setback, but as an exciting opportunity. 

You can also make extra money with a side job that only takes a few hours a week. All you need to do is turn your interest into a profitable side venture.

10 ideas you can try to make extra money

1. Monetize your channel

Every single day, 2.7 billion people use YouTube to watch 1 billion hours of videos. Finding a more immediate means of generating income is preferable to wasting time growing a large enough audience to profit from YouTube ads. Thankfully, sponsored advertising isn’t the only option to monetize your YouTube channel.

Another essential aspect for monetization and increasing your income is becoming an influencer of Gan Jing World and subscribing to their Channel Membership Program, which includes an Ad-Revenue Sharing Program.

The process is simple. Create unique and informative content for your target audience. When someone watches your video ad, you can generate revenue.

2. Freelancing

Any list of simple side ideas should include freelancing at the top because it is a tried-and-true method to make additional money. You can plan your free time around the projects that freelancers take on for one or more clients.

There is a large market for freelancers with skills in writing, editing, website development, graphic design, and other related professions. Flexible project-based work is within the skill sets of many people, including qualified mechanics, certified public accountants, video editors, interior decorators, and real estate brokers.

3. Start a blog

Many people use blogging as a side venture, but making money can be challenging. That’s why many bloggers go to sites where freelance writers may get their work published directly to readers and monetized through subscriptions.

Bloggers can gradually establish a readership and have a steady stream of monthly income without depending on invasive advertisements, sponsorships, or freelance writing jobs.

4. Dog sitting

Having fun with dogs while gaining extra cash is a win-win situation for dog lovers. Finding customers can be done through a variety of methods. Local social media communities that cater to dog owners are a great place to promote your services. Another option is to use a dog-sitting platform. Certification as a dog sitter will also make your profile more noticeable.

Having fun with dogs while gaining extra money is a win-win situation for dog lovers.
Having fun with dogs while gaining extra cash is a win-win situation for dog lovers. (Image: via Shutterstock)

5. Participate in paid online surveys

Innumerable businesses and market analysts are interested in hearing customer feedback. You may gain a lot of money by taking surveys on some websites. Even if it doesn’t pay the bills, taking surveys can give you some additional spending money for the weekend.

6. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is the perfect solution for those who wish to run their own online retail business on the side, but only want to do it part-time. Being an online store owner has advantages, such as not needing to handle mundane activities like shipping or maintaining a physical inventory.

With minimal to no prior expertise, you may launch a dropshipping store. Everything you need to start selling online is included in specialized platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, both accessible at a reasonable price.

Finding suppliers of the things you wish to sell is the next step after establishing a sales platform. You can use Shopify’s built-in plugins to accomplish this or choose third-party vendors. Once your store is ready, you can start advertising and watch the customers buy.

7. Become an affiliate marketer

In affiliate marketing, you promote another company’s goods and services on your site in exchange for a cut of the profits made from customers who click on your links. Aside from links, you can also use a unique code. This method is a fantastic strategy for juggling multiple side gigs.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent fit for podcasters, influencers, and online store owners. You can earn some extra cash without actively doing anything as you pursue your interests.

8. Sell digital products

Something else you can do in your spare time that won’t cost you much is to make and sell digital things. There is a thriving market for digital artwork, logos, music, images, videos, and website design templates. Making them digitally and selling them for download on your website, social media, and other digital goods markets is a great way to make money.

Digital artist drawing on a tablet with color swatches sitting by her on the desk.
There is a thriving market for things like digital artwork. (Image: Shutterstock)

9. Create a clothing line

Starting a clothing line, especially with a dropshipping business plan, is easier than you think, even though it may feel like a full-time job.  The bulk of your effort would be building an audience and helping your customers choose products from the various dropshipping clothing suppliers.

10. Mow lawns

Many short-term lawn care tasks are available through services, but obtaining clients is the most challenging component of launching a lawn care business. Anyone who enjoys tending to lawns might benefit from these types of part-time employment opportunities because they are convenient and easy to fit into one’s spare time.

Generate a passive source of income

Since you depend on your regular job to cover your expenses, it cannot be easy to feel natural when trying to make extra money online. You may put your small company ideas to the test and gain valuable hands-on experience.

So whatever it is that truly lights you up, there are countless ways to turn it into a source of money. You can use your passion as a springboard to financial independence.

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