15 Beautiful Libraries From Around the World

Libraries are almost as ancient as the written word. The oldest-known library, the Library of Ashurbanipal, dates back to the 7th-century BCE. Belonging to an Assyrian king and housed in two buildings in his palace in Nineveh (located in present-day Iraq), the library contained some 30,000 cuneiform tablets, as well as diptychs and parchments, on ...


The Long Room in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland.

Decluttering Tips From Experts to Help You Get Organized

Decluttering and organizing an entire home can be an overwhelming task. Clutter can cause anxiety, affect your ability to focus, and generally make you less productive and comfortable in your home, thus, it is important to have an organized home. A study titled Procrastinators and Clutter: An Ecological View of Living with Excessive Stuff, published ...


A woman holding a white shirt and kneeling on the floor by some boxes with "keep", "donate", and "discard" written on them decluttering her closet.

How Saving When Young Impacts Your Overall Wealth

Half of American adults started 2022 with a desire to boost their savings. That admirable intention could prove easier for those who developed good habits of saving when young. After all, it’s possible kids who get used to regularly depositing some allowance funds in their piggy bank won’t think twice about setting money aside when ...


Sitting on a piece of astroturf outdoors, a piggybank looks at a little glass jar full of coins with a U.S. hundred dollar bill poking out the top.

10 Flowers That Will Add Color to Your Garden Throughout the Year

Planning a garden of any size can be a challenge, so consider answering a few questions before you get started. Are you growing food, or is it merely a decorative space? Is there enough sunshine, is the soil well-fertilized, and is there adequate space for the plants? It’s also good to keep in mind which ...


Close-up shot of pink carnations in bloom in a flower garden.