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6 Tips to Have a Good Relationship With Your Parents

As you transition into adulthood, your relationship with your parents evolves. Although you become more independent, your relationship with them is still very important.  To keep a good connection with your parents, you and they need to work at it and understand each other. 6 tips for getting along with your parents. 1. Do your ...

Viena Abdon

African American couple with their teenage son.

Revisiting Childhood Dreams for Personal Growth

In the secret depths of our childhood memories, we all harbor dreams that once sparked our imagination and filled our hearts with joy. Seemingly lost amid the rush and responsibilities of adulthood, these dreams hold a key of immense value: They provide profound insight into who we’ve become today. This article explores how rekindling those ...

Viena Abdon

Crescent moon and hot air balloon above a serene sea in the sunset sky with a glowing horizon and comet passing by.

Notable Coming of Age Traditions for Girls

Both boys and girls enter puberty as they proceed toward adulthood. In different countries of the world, people celebrate specific types of coming of age traditions for girls. They undergo and experience several mental and physiological changes in these years. For a girl, entering puberty can be a difficult experience. Having periods and witnessing changes ...

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Young girl walking hand in hand with her parents.