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Researchers Warn We Could Run Out of Data to Train AI by 2026. What Then?

As artificial intelligence (AI) reaches the peak of its popularity, researchers have warned the industry might be running out of training data — the fuel that runs powerful AI systems. This could slow down the growth of AI models, especially large language models, and may even alter the trajectory of the AI revolution. But why ...

Troy Oakes

Human vs. AI intelligence.

AI and Art: Deciphering Copyright Ownership of AI-Generated Images

With artificial intelligence (AI) carving its niche in every sphere of life, including arts and creativity, legal challenges concerning copyrights have arisen. This issue particularly pertains to images created using AI software, and the question about their rightful ownership — the AI system or the human creator who trained it? Understanding AI-generated images Images produced ...

Viena Abdon

AI imitating the 'Creation of Adam.'