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Hard as Ice, Fluid as Water: An Allegory on the Stages of a Successful Life

A young businessman was betrayed by his partner and was left without wealth or hope. Desperate and despondent, he decided to end his life by jumping into a lake. On its banks, he encountered a wise monk deep in meditation. Overwhelmed with relief, the man eagerly approached the monk, shared his tragic tale, and sincerely ...

Mikel Davis

Ice in the form of a heart.

Thomas Cole’s ‘Voyage of Life’: Finding Joy in the Journey

In the late 1830s, Thomas Cole, an English-born American painter, was keen on advancing landscape painting to convey religion and moral values. In 1842, Cole fulfilled his aspiration by completing a four-part Romantic-style landscape painting, The Voyage of Life: Childhood, Youth, Manhood, and Old Age. Cole believed the genre of landscape painting could show universal ...

Nathan Machoka

Thomas Cole's painting, 'The Voyage of Life: Youth.'