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Ancient DNA Reveals Dramatic Population Change in Europe

Analyses of ancient DNA from the ancestry of modern Europeans have now painted a picture of dramatic population change in Europe from 45,000 to 7,000 years ago. The study is now helping to unlock the secrets of Europe’s Ice Age inhabitants. The genetic data was analyzed from 51 individuals. The results indicated that there were ...

Troy Oakes

Three 31,000-year-old skulls from Dolni Věstonice in the Czech Republic.

Ancient DNA Unlocks Secrets of Ice Age Tribes in the Americas

Scientists have sequenced 15 ancient DNA genomes spanning from Alaska to Patagonia and were able to track the movements of the first humans as they spread across the Americas at “astonishing” speed during the last Ice Age, and also how these Ice Age tribes interacted with each other in the following millennia. The results have ...

Troy Oakes

Skulls and other human remains from Lagoa Santa, Brazil.