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Alexander the Great: Ruler of Courage

Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III of Macedonia or the ruler of most extraordinary courage, was a Macedonian monarch who overthrew the Persian empire, led Macedonian soldiers to India, and laid the framework for the Hellenistic world of territorial kingdoms. Having already been the subject of incredible legends during his lifetime, he became ...

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Alexander the Great.

How Ether Has a Place in Modern Physics

Ether is an element that has its origins in ancient Greece and comes from the word “either,” meaning “clear sky” or “pure, fresh air.” According to Greek mythology, ether was believed to be the essence that the gods breathed. It was conceptualized as a material that filled the universe above the terrestrial sphere. In his ...

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A galaxy.

5 Things to See in Hierapolis, Turkey

Hierapolis is an ancient Greek city whose ruins are located in modern Pamukkale in Turkey. It was designated a World Heritage Site in 1988. Hierapolis roughly translates as “sacred city” and has a history dating back to the 7th century BCE. “The name of the city may derive from Hiera, the wife of Telephus (son of ...

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The ruins of Hierapolis.

A Profound Lesson: The Sword of Damocles

It was the great Roman philosopher Cicero who popularized the parable behind the sword of Damocles through his book Tusculan Disputations. The story has its origins in the palace of Dionysius, the tyrannical king who reigned over Syracuse between the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. There was no doubt in the fact that Dionysius wielded ...

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A stutue of Cicero.

Reincarnation According to Ancient Greeks

Though the idea of reincarnation might seem new to the Western world, a look into the history of Greece shows us that it is not so. Ancient Greek philosophers used to speculate about reincarnation and held some interesting notions about how it happened. Greek reincarnation The belief of reincarnation apparently came into prominence in Greece ...

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Artist's rendering of a body floating in the void approaching the light.