arranged marriage, beggar, beggar's daughter

My Father Forced Me to Marry a Beggar’s Daughter, and It Changed My Life

I was embarrassed to tell people that my father-in-law was a beggar. You may not believe me. He became disabled in an accident, so his wife left him. He raised his daughter, and this beggar’s daughter is now my wife, by himself. My dad owned a company, so we were well off. One day, a beggar came to our ...

Emma Lu

Asian man wearing an old hat, clothes, and fingerless gloves has a gray blanket wrapped around himself as he sits outside in front of a concrete wall, huddled up against the cold.

Marriage Stems From Special Karmic Relationship

Love and marriage, what a wonderful life when they co-exist together for a couple. They count their lucky stars and feel lucky in love. During the Jin Dynasty, the beautiful Zhu Yingtai was from a scholarly and well-to-do family. Her accomplishments included excellent embroidery work and a love of reading books and writing poetry. She ...

Jessica Kneipp

A painting of two butterflies.