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Iconic Paintings and Their Real-Life Destinations You Can Actually Visit

Art and real life are closely intertwined, with artists finding inspiration for their creations in everything around them, including places and their surroundings. Whether it be a building in their hometown or a picturesque view, artists forever immortalize these locations on their canvas, adding their style, interpretation, and imagination. Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and ...

Arianne Ayson

Claude Monet's 'Water Lilies.'

Soulful Palette: The Spirit-Lifting Impact of Creating Beautiful Paintings

Art can make you feel good, stimulate your senses, and stir many emotions. This article will explore how making art, whether painting, sculpture, music, dance or something else, can change your life.  Art has a significant effect on your health and feelings. Art can help you express yourself, feel better, and go beyond your everyday ...

Viena Abdon

A street painter.

How Michelangelo’s Forgery Propelled His Career to New Heights

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, famously known as Michelangelo, is a towering figure in art history. He profoundly impacted the Renaissance as a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet.  But he wasn’t always famous. One story tells us how Michelangelo made a Roman antiquity forgery so good that it propelled him to fame. A young struggling ...

Nathan Machoka

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

Stephen Wiltshire: A Rare Artist Who Draws Incredible Cityscapes From Memory

He also wrote a book about his life, Stephen Wiltshire: Autobiography. In it, he talks about his childhood, struggles, and journey to becoming one of the world’s most renowned artists. Stephen Wiltshire is a remarkable example of resilience and determination. Despite his autism, he has achieved success and recognition for his work. He has also ...

Nathan Machoka

Stephen Wiltshire with his New York City cityscape.

Villa Farnese: A Sanctuary With a Secret Garden

One of Italy’s proud historical landmarks, Villa Farnese, remains a tourist attraction today. This magnificent estate was commissioned by Pope Paul III in 1545 and is now open to the public for tours. Inside the villa, you’ll find an incredible collection of frescoes and art treasures, while outside, the walled garden awaits with surprises at ...

Viena Abdon

The Villa Farnese or Palazzo Farnese.

Yang San Lang Art Museum in Taiwan

The Yang San Lang Art Museum (楊三郎美術館) is one of the best private and family-owned museums in Taiwan, which is dedicated to renowned Taiwanese artist Yang San Lang (1907-1995). Behind a wall decorated with embossed sculptures depicting Yang San Lang’s life, the museum is a six-story building connected to a Japanese-style house where the artist ...


A colorful landscape oil painting from the Yang San Lang Art Museum in Taiwan.

4 Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a highly private and personal place. It ties in closely with one’s “qi” (energy flow). With bad feng shui, once the “qi” is broken, courses of things — such as relationships and even health — will plunge. Avoid these 4 things in the bedroom 1. Ancestral tablet or portrait An ancestral tablet or portrait is normally ...

Emma Lu

Elegant bedroom interior with big comfortable bed with blue bedding, paintings on the wall, and patterned carpet on the floor.

The Unhealthy Myth of the Mad Artist

It is time to shed light on the unhealthy myth of the mad artist. As artists, we know there is nothing that feels more satisfying than being in a creative flow. When creating takes us on a journey to unexplored territory, we can see the growth in our work and we feel it inside of ...

Armin Auctor

The sculpture of a lady's head in an art studio surrounded by paint brushes in cups.