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How Artists Are Sabotaging AI to Take Revenge on Image Generators

Imagine this. You need an image of a balloon for a work presentation and turn to a text-to-image generator, like Midjourney or DALL-E, to create something suitable. You enter the prompt: “red balloon against a blue sky,” but the generator returns an image of an egg instead. You try again, but this time, the generator ...

Troy Oakes

Data poisoning.

Dancing Delights: Unveiling the Advantages of Dance for Young Children

With its mesmerizing beats and flowing motions, dancing has long been a part of human society. To a greater extent than any other kind of art, it can reach audiences of different linguistic backgrounds and create a wide range of feelings. Dance has many positive effects, especially on children, that go far beyond its visual ...

Viena Abdon

Children dancing.

How One Man Uses Origami to Change People’s Hearts

Whatever you want or can imagine, Liu Tong can use his hands to create it just with a piece of paper. From a rhino down to a minuscule ant, he has created all of them by folding a single piece of paper. Liu Tong uses origami to describe his inner feelings, and his work is highly ...

Michael Segarty

Origami animals from Africa in origami desert setting with origami trees