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Qantas Flight Mayday: Can a Plane Normally Fly on Just One Engine?

You may have seen the news Qantas flight 144 from Auckland landed safely in Sydney yesterday after the pilot was forced to shut down one engine and issue a mayday call while flying over the Pacific Ocean. The plane was reportedly a ten-year-old, twin-jet Boeing 737 and was carrying 145 passengers, all of whom disembarked ...

Troy Oakes

Qantas Boeing 767 taxis on the runway.

Zara Rutherford Flew Around the World at 19 Years of Age

It is wrong to assume that only men take up challenges like long voyages that require willpower and courage. There are some women who exhibit enormous courage and zeal to accomplish big feats. The reality is some of these women are actually pretty young. One such example is Zara Rutherford. This 19-year-old covered 28,000 nautical ...

Armin Auctor

Zara Rutherford standing by the plane she used to fly solo around the world.

Luca Gentile: The Boy Who Wanted To Fly

Some children have a clear idea about who they want to be in life. Luca Gentile, born and raised in Rome, Italy, was one of them — and he wanted to fly. From a very early age, Luca knew he was going to be a pilot and travel the world. He recalls that when he ...

Laura Cozzolino

Luca Gentile in a plane cockpit.