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The European Custom of ‘Telling the Bees’

Do you know that there is a European tradition called “telling the bees”? This is a custom according to which beekeepers tell the bees about important events of their life, including births, deaths, marriages, return home, and so on. The custom is prevalent in England and in some areas of Wales, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, ...

Michael Segarty

A beekeeper and his son inspecting hives.

Scientists Predict Potential Habitat Spread of Invasive Asian Giant Hornet

Researchers at Washington State University have predicted how and where the Asian giant hornet, an invasive newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, popularly dubbed the “murder hornet,” could spread and find ideal habitat, both in the United States and globally. Sharing their discoveries in a newly published article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the ...

Troy Oakes

An Asian giant hornet.

Researchers Discover a Gene in Honey Bees That Causes Virgin Birth

Reversions to virgin births by asexual reproduction are rare in nature. Asexual birth, in Cape honey bees, might be the first time that the genetic basis of such a phenomenon has been discovered. In a study published in Current Biology, researchers from the University of Sydney have identified the single gene that determines how Cape ...

Troy Oakes

Cape honey bee queen and workers.

‘Murder Hornets’ Add Bite to Bee Population Worries

‘Murder hornets’ have entered the North American landscape and lexicon with horror-film imagery. Vespa mandarina – also known as Asian giant hornets – are thumb-sized carnivores with huge mandibles, outsized appetites, and a venomous sting that will leave a human writhing in pain. But the biggest threat these “murder hornets” pose is to the vulnerable apiary industry ...

Troy Oakes

A murder hornet.

‘Honeyland’: An Intimate Relationship Between a Beekeeper and Her Bees

Honeyland, directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, is a documentary that follows the life of Hatidze, a beekeeper from Macedonia in Europe. Shot over three years, the film explores the meaning of life and how human beings are connected to the ecosystem as well as to the other people around them. Macedonian beekeeper Over ...

Jessica Kneipp

A woman and her daughter hiking on the land.

Bees and Ecology: Why Asian Worker Bees Prefer European Queen Bees

In China, European honey bees were introduced in the 19th century. Since then, almost 80 percent of the country’s native honey bee population is estimated to have been lost. The European honey bees are now causing a major change in China’s cultivation tactics, as well as the flora of the land. Bees decline in China European ...

Armin Auctor

A colony of European bees.

Mount Athos: The Mystery of the Bees That Wax Holy Icons

In Mount Athos, Greece, a devout beekeeper who’s been putting holy icons into his bee boxes for the last 10 years has observed this interesting phenomenon, time and time again. The bees would “embroider” everything in wax while leaving the holy figures uncovered. Whether it’s the image of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or various Saints, ...

Armin Auctor

A honey bee.

Saving the Bees: A Dutch Solution

In the town of Utrecht in the Netherlands, many of the bus stop rooftops are covered in plants. This has been done in support of saving the bees in the region. Saving the bees More than 300 bus stops in Utrecht have been converted into bee-friendly places. In addition to boosting the biodiversity of the ...

Troy Oakes

A bee pollinating a clover flower.