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The First Flowers Evolved Before Bees How: Did They Become so Dazzling?

Colorful flowers and the insects and birds that fly among their dazzling displays are a joy of nature. But how did early relationships between flower color and animal pollinators emerge? In a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, we have unraveled this mystery by analyzing the visual environments in which the ancestors of ...

Troy Oakes

Colorful wildflowers in a meadow.

Mānuka Honey: Is it Worth the Hype and the Price Tag?

In recent years, Mānuka honey has been making waves in the world of health and wellness. However, with a higher price tag than regular honey, many people wonder what makes this honey so unique. In this article, we’ll explore where Mānuka honey comes from and its benefits to help you make an informed decision about ...

Haidene Go

A jar of Manuka honey.

Bee Therapy: The Power of Vibrations and Honey Aroma

Conventional therapy might not work for everyone, so new methods have come out every so often. One example is bee therapy, a unique therapy revolving mostly around bees. However, this form of therapy hasn’t yet become too popular as it only exists in a specific place. The first-ever bee therapy retreat has launched in Scotland. Check ...

Mike West

A honey bee collecting pollen.

What Can’t Bees Do? Unique Study of Urban Beehives Reveals the Secrets of Several Cities Around the World

Bees provide myriad benefits to humanity, including pollination services, honey production, food security and crop pollination, artistic inspiration, and even career opportunities. But what if bees could also provide insights into human and city health? A new study published today in Environmental Microbiome shows how honeybee hives reveal information about human health, pathogens, plant life, ...

Troy Oakes

A honeybee gathering nectar from a yellow flower has pollen coating its body.

Aussie Native Bees Steal the Show With Unique Social and Foraging Behaviors

Australian native bees have evolved complex social structures and foraging behaviors that help biologists answer longstanding questions, such as the origins of social behavior, and the drivers of increased biodiversity. In European honeybees, the queen governs the hive with her sterile female workers. Meanwhile, the males are little more than freeloaders, or hangers-on (sorry boys). ...

Troy Oakes

The head of a native bee.

When Quantum Par­ti­cles Fly Like Bees

At first glance, a system consisting of 51 ions may appear simple. But even if these charged atoms can only assume two different states, there will be more than two quadrillion (1015) different configurations the system can realize. This requires the use of quantum simulators. The behavior of such a system can therefore hardly be calculated with conventional ...

Troy Oakes

A honeybee.

A Woman’s Journey to Save the Maya Tradition of Beekeeping

There are instances of big NGOs and environmentalists locking horns with governments and corporate agencies to preserve the environment. You can find news on litigation filed by such nature-loving entities on the web, from time to time. However, it is quite rare to come across instances of small-time farmers or individuals without much fame or ...

Raven Montmorency

A honeybee on a white flower.

20,000 Bees Build a Beehive in a Cello

It is quite commonplace to come across beehives in gardens and forests. However, it’s quite unusual to find a beehive in a cello. In an urban landscape, beehives may form in uninhabited buildings, especially under overhangs and in attics. However, rarely do bees construct hives in musical instruments! In a unique development, a university professor ...

Raven Montmorency

A beehive in a cello.