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Beijing Is Weaponizing Biotech for New Age Biological Warfare

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the dangerous possibility of biological warfare. And China seems to be preparing for such a war as seen by various writings and speeches from people with military ties. In 2010, a professor from the Third Military Medical University stressed the importance of biological warfare in his book ...

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Man wearing a biohazard suit.

Japanese Arrested for Exporting Equipment Used to Make Bioweapons

The Japanese government has arrested three executives of a company for suspicion of illegally exporting equipment to China that could be used in the manufacture of bioweapons. According to the rules, such exports can only be done after getting approval from trade authorities. Exporting bioweapon equipment The arrested individuals include 70-year-old company president Masaaki Okawara, ...

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A man handcuffed behind his back.