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How Old Is Too Old for a Second Child in China?

On December 28, 2016, at Hospital Number Two at Jilin University, a woman gave birth by C-section to a large baby boy weighing 9.5 pounds. This story is remarkable because she gave birth to her child at age 64, making her the oldest new mother in Mainland China. The hospital revealed that the new mother had been ...

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A young Chinese baby.

Why Are Most Couples Reluctant to Have a Second Child in China?

After three decades of a policy that limited most families in China to one child, the most significant overhaul of its family planning rules in over 35 years is not going as planned. Instead of welcoming the news, many families in China have said that one is enough, with many citing the rising cost of living ...

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A Chinese mother and baby.

Film Review: ‘Silver Screen Dreams’

Under warm sunlight, on a hillside in a wheelchair, a woman is reading — that is the still image from New Century Films’ latest release, Silver Screen Dreams. The scene is pure and beautiful, like a poem that arouses the imagination. But what kind of story is it? What has the woman in the wheelchair ...

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'Silver Screen Dreams.'

4 Painful but Beneficial Situations

Most people seek comfort in life, ignoring the fact that risks might be hidden there. However, things that make you suffer might be blessings in disguise, because they force you to think things over and grow, which often leads to a beneficial outcome. 4 situations that seem distressing in the beginning, but turn out to ...

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A woman with outstretched arms at sunset.

3 Stories About Enlightenment

Enlightenment manifests in many different forms and in many different ways. 3 stories about enlightenment 1. Let it go There was an old blacksmith who made his living by selling iron pans, kitchen knives, and scissors. Whenever people passed by, they would see him lying on a bamboo chair with a radio in his hand ...

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Clouds over the mountains.

Beware of Cerebral Infarction in the Summer

Cerebral infarction refers to the necrosis of a particular tissue area in the brain. Also called an ischemic stroke, this occurs due to disrupted blood flow to the brain due to restricted flow in the blood vessels. A lack of adequate blood supply to brain cells deprives them of oxygen and vital nutrients, which can cause ...

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Illustration of a brain having a stroke.

5 Habits That Accelerate Brain Aging

An article published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) talks about brain aging, disclosing that the human brain starts to age at 30 years of age, declines at 40, and shrinks after 60. Your brain starts to malfunction even when you think that you are still young!    5 Symptoms signaling brain aging. ...

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Doctors examining the human brain.

Sima Guang: Assessing the Abilities and Virtues of People

Sima Guang (1019-1086), courtesy name Junshi, was a native of Shanxi Xia County, a litterateur, and a historian in the Northern Song Dynasty. He consecutively served as an official across four emperors, taking charge of the compilation of the first Chinese general history, History as a Mirror. He was a paradigm of Confucian education and ...

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Sima Guang.

Be Friends With People Who Have These 4 Good Character Traits

People recognize each other by appearance, but they interact with each other because of their character. Good character is the source of trust and the proof of deep friendship. No matter who you are or what you do, character plays a big role. People with good character usually have the following 4 traits 1.  Not ...

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Three women sitting on a bench laughing.