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Why Bolivians Are Still Protesting After Indigenous President Removed

When Bolivia’s 2019 general election results were announced on October 20, existing President Evo Morales from the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party came out as the clear winner, beating his rival by a significant margin. Huge protests erupted on suspicion that the elections had been rigged. Though Morales eventually stepped down in November due to ...

Jack Roberts

A sign for Evo Morales.

Ancient Americans Used Geopolymer Technology to Build Monuments

A recent scientific study of a few sandstone terraces and blocks of andesite, an extremely hard volcanic stone, has shown that the Tiwanakans may have used geopolymer technology to manufacture the stones for their temple. Conventional history tells us that ancient Tiwanakans, the people who lived around Tiahuanaco on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, never knew ...

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