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10 of the Most Expensive Musical Instruments of All Time

Music and musical instruments have woven themselves into the fabric of our existence. One writer says: “Music is the emotion one can hear.”  Some instruments have transcended their musical purpose to become priceless pieces. From the resonant keys of the Steinways to the harmonious tones of the Stradivarius violas, these instruments have immortalized great moments, ...

Nathan Machoka

The Lady Blunt Stradivarius violin.

The Girl Who Set Out to Build a Cello in 100 Days

Ida Riegels grew up in a family of musicians, and everyone had an instrument to play. But little Ida fell in love with the cello, which was her grandmother’s instrument of choice.  Ida’s musical beginnings Ida Riegels is a cellist who studied at the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Music and was trained under Professor ...

Viena Abdon

Ida Riegels with her cello.

Did You Know Charlie Chaplin Was Passionately Fond of the Cello?

Most people only view Charlie Chaplin as a comedian who made people roll with laughter. His films made in the silent era still entertain people from all age groups and beneath the surface of laughter and frolic, they convey deep-rooted messages too. The musical genius of Charlie Chaplin Not many people are aware of the ...

Raven Montmorency

Charlie Chaplin playing the cello.

20,000 Bees Build a Beehive in a Cello

It is quite commonplace to come across beehives in gardens and forests. However, it’s quite unusual to find a beehive in a cello. In an urban landscape, beehives may form in uninhabited buildings, especially under overhangs and in attics. However, rarely do bees construct hives in musical instruments! In a unique development, a university professor ...

Raven Montmorency

A beehive in a cello.

Art of a Luthier: Creation of a Cello

The craftsmen who make and repair string instruments are called luthiers. Only those with artistic sensitivity and high technical expertise can do this job. A documentary by Xavier Vidal explores the art of a luthier and the creation of a cello. Art of a luthier creating a cello Lito Iglesias is disheartened by the fact ...

Raven Montmorency

Crafting a cello.