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2 Stories About Wisdom

Good luck or back luck — it all depends on how you look at it Wisdom can be as simple as changing your point of view. An old Zen master went on a trip and stayed overnight at an elderly woman’s place. The Zen master noticed the woman cried every day, and he wondered why. ...

Tatiana Denning

Blossoms on a tree branch.

Life Lessons From Nature

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” — John Muir Ah, nature’s wisdom. It’s a balm for the spirit and an education for the soul. It has nurtured a wealth of poetry and literature, inspired some of the most treasured works of art, and moved musicians to create ...

Tatiana Denning

Buddha statue in a garden.

Reality Check: Real Vs. Unreal

In Italian, there is a saying: “Il mondo è bello perché è vario,” which means: “The world is beautiful because it is varied.” In this simple statement, there is truth and wisdom, but also many challenges. Diversity is richness, beauty, excitement, and learning, but it can also be hard to deal with and requires an ...

Laura Cozzolino

Neurons interacting in the brain.