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Lessons from Ancient Chinese Statesmen: Tolerance Brings Blessings

The ancient Chinese placed great emphasis on self-cultivation and moral development, believing that tolerance was a form of wisdom. A generous spirit and a kind-hearted approach to others not only accumulated good deeds, but also attracted good fortune and improved the character of others. Leading with composure and tolerance During the era of the Three ...

Tatiana Denning

Illustration of Jiang Wan, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Shu during China's Warring States Period.

How Influential Businessman Hu Xueyan Returned a Favor

Hu Xueyan, also known as Guangyong (光墉), was a native of Chixi in Anhui Province. Born into a poor family, he experienced ups and downs throughout his life, going from poverty to great wealth and status more than once. Hu Xueyan started his career as a merchant, rising to the third rank of the late ...

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An abacus.

Divine Intervention: Despair Turns to Blessings

During the Qing Dynasty, a family with the last name of Wang were in despair after losing nine sons in a row. The family had always worshiped Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy, causing many people to wonder: Can it be that those who believe in deities will not be blessed? Fortunately, Avalokitesvara appeared in ...

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Statue of Avalokitesvara.

Oculomotor Dysfunction: Unraveling a Commonly Missed Eye Diagnosis

My son Jacob’s love for reading was evident from a young age. Before he could even read, he’d sit with one of his Thomas & Friends books and his “reading glasses,” imitating my reading habits (well, minus Thomas the Tank Engine). By the time he started kindergarten, he was reading at a third-grade level, and ...

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A child reading a book.

Yanzi: A Statesman Who Used Wisdom to Resolve Difficult Situations (Part 2)

As discussed in Part 1, Yanzi was a famous statesman, philosopher, and diplomat of Qi during China’s Spring and Autumn Period. He is known for his great wisdom in handling complex and seemingly impossible situations.  Providing for those who are suffering A person’s good words and deeds are worthy of praise and encourage others to ...

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Two turtles representing wisdom.

Fan Li’s Secret to Attaining Wealth in Business in Ancient China

When Goujian, the ruler of the state of Yue in ancient China, found himself trapped on Mount Kuaiji by King Fuchai of Wu, he received valuable counsel from his advisor Fan Li. Fan Li advised Goujian on how to navigate this dire situation and emphasized that in times of crisis, one must prioritize preserving one’s ...

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A mountain in China.

Is Marriage Coincidental or a Predestined Arrangement?

In today’s world, many believe that choosing a life partner boils down to mere chance or random encounters. But is marriage truly the result of a simple twist of fate? Or could there be a predestined arrangement at work? The DNA connection To explore this idea, researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder conducted ...

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Silhouette of a bride and groom dancing.

Li Youfu, Master of Supernormal Abilities (Part 3)

In time, Li Youfu’s acupoint technique became as he wished, and he could save people. He went on to learn additional techniques and helped many people. Here are a few such stories. The ability to cure disease One year, a man went hunting in Huairou, Beijing, but accidentally fell from the mountain and became paralyzed. ...

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Li Youfu practicing martial arts in the mountains.