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Two Philosophical Stories About Fulfilling a Debt

No matter our wealth or position in life, there are other people to whom we will still find ourselves in debt. Here are two philosophical stories that showcase this. A man attempting suicide was rescued in a temple As the man slowly aroused from his stupor, he spied the Abbot and realized his suicide attempt ...

Emma Lu

Zen basalt stones and bamboo.

Inspirational Letter From Liang Jizhang to His Son

This is a very inspirational letter from a well-known Hong Kong radio station host, Liang Jizhang, to his son. The letter is very touching and heartfelt. It contains Liang Jizhang’s perceptions of life and infinite love for his family. Liang Jizhang shares his lessons in an inspirational letter Life is uncertain — nobody knows how long they will ...

Jack Roberts

A father and son typing on a laptop.