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How Hollywood Is Censoring Movies for the CCP

Hollywood is the capital of international movies, producing global blockbusters year after year. There is literally no major country where the influence of Hollywood movies cannot be felt. Beijing has understood the power Hollywood has. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is working toward co-opting Hollywood to promote its interests worldwide, as well as ...

Nspirement Staff

The famous Hollywod sign.

Hollywood Has Lost the Plot by Kowtowing to the CCP

For generations of people the world over, the very word, Hollywood was a synonym for the American Dream. There were glamor and beauty, rags to riches, tears and laughter, heroism and virtue. Regardless of how dire or tragic the storyline was, there was always hope of redemption. With a belief in God, honest hard work, ...

Michael Segarty

The famous Hollywood sign.