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Is China Building a Naval Base in Pakistan?

China has been on the lookout for a place to build a new military base outside the country ever since Beijing opened its first foreign base in Djibouti. Though there have been talks that Pakistan might be the next host, there hadn’t been any solid evidence to support this theory… until now. New satellite images ...

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A map of Pakistan.

Pakistan Tries to Shush Investigation on Sale of Brides to China

The government of Pakistan is reportedly silencing an investigation on the sale of poor women to Chinese men as brides. China is one of the biggest lenders in the Islamic country. As such, the administration has decided to turn a blind eye to the issue rather than risk losing access to future funds.   Selling ...

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A Pakistani woman with her child.

Pakistani Women Sold Off to Chinese Men as Beijing Increases Influence

During the initial phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), there was joy and hope among Pakistani citizens. They thought that their country would, at last, have some sort of economic stimulus that would bring prosperity. Fast forward a few years and that optimism is still alive, though in a diminished form. But in addition ...

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A pakistani girl.