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U.S. Has Blacklisted 33 Chinese Companies

The Trump administration announced that it has blacklisted an additional 33 Chinese companies and institutions. The blacklisting is being done since the entities were identified as being involved in spying on the minority Uyghur community or as having ties to the Chinese military and weapons of mass destruction. Last October, the government blacklisted 28 Chinese ...

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The U.S. Capitol building.

Hongkongers Are Increasingly Ditching Jobs at Chinese Companies

According to a study done by recruitment firm Michael Page, Hongkongers are quitting Chinese companies after getting fed up of the office culture and low salaries. Almost 44 percent of Chinese businesses in Hong Kong were found to have trouble retaining employees. Hongkongers leaving Chinese companies “These Chinese companies have a lot of money, and ...

Armin Auctor

US, Australia, and India Vs Chinese companies

Beijing’s aggressive political and business ambitions seem to be negatively affecting its companies as governments across the world express security concerns over the operations of Chinese firms. The United States, Australia, and India have been vocal about their distrust of Chinese telecommunication companies operating freely in their regions. US action against Chinese companies The U.S. ...

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